Eroticism is the way we enjoy pleasure and in this article we will tell you everything.


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According to the Great Erotic Dictionary of Voices of Spain and Latin America by Antonio Tello, this is the definition:

Eroticism: Evocation or sublimation, conscious or unconscious, of the sexual fact.

That is, the erotic must leave room for the occult, fantasy and imagination.

We can say that eroticism has been considered as part of the sexual act, both in animals and humans; but only man has given it a connotation that goes further and focuses on delight rather than on the reproductive process.

Eroticism is the hidden, the unmentionable, but also, the enjoyed without inhibition. In this article I will teach you everything about this practice and the importance of incorporating it into your daily life so that you can reach your sexual fulfillment.

Importance of eroticism
Benefits of eroticism
3 reasons to fully experience pleasure
How to put eroticism into practice

Eroticism represents that part of your existence that leads you to enjoy without inhibitions, without hesitation and open to any possibility.

Making it be in your daily life will make each activity you do more interesting and that has to do with sexual pleasure, it will be impregnated in your DNA.

It is important that you see pleasure as part of your daily life, because the enjoyment of the sensations that are generated, regardless of where they come from, will be one by one that will give happiness, relaxation and tranquility to everything that surrounds you and you do.

Every activity that you do for yourself, brings multiple benefits and eroticism is no exception; among its benefits you will find:

  • Know yourself: when you learn to know and recognize yourself, you manage to open a wider door to pleasure and desire. Eroticism is a game that allows you to go beyond the limits of your sexual comfort, where you can explore new sensations and parts of your body that will generate pleasure and that you never imagined could be like this.

  • Sexual desire: the longer you take the erotic game, the more it increases, the desire to feel pleasure increases and thus you will enjoy the moment and each part of said game. Sexual desire will become more present in your life and will allow you to fully enjoy yourself.

  • Pleasure: it is everything that leads you to live experiences that feel very good, the sensation increases with the erotic game, the more time you spend enjoying your body, the more pleasant everything feels and therefore, the higher your levels of satisfaction will be.

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Pleasure is a fundamental part of the erotic experience, it is not always linked to an orgasm, but is accompanied by things that produce wellness. So here I tell you 3 reasons to live it fully:

  1. Pleasure is that experience that implies enjoyment, so it does not have to be underestimated.

  2. When you learn to delight yourself with what you like, you can communicate it to whoever accompanies you in that game and so they can both enjoy it.

  3. Feeling is the maximum expression of self-love, which is why you should not deny yourself it. Feel the pleasure with your body and your mind.

So, never limit the possibilities that the delight of pleasure gives you, and now, I'm going to teach you how to put it into practice.

It is really simpler than you imagine; you must include the art of the erotic in everything you do that has to do with your sexuality and your pleasure, here are some ideas:

  • Role-play with your partner to raise expectations before sex.

  • Participate in events aimed at eroticism, such as couple swapping events, erotic poetry reading and others.

  • You can try swinging and enjoy a new perspective.

Remember, eroticism is an essential part of our lives, don’t be shy, enjoy and fully experience pleasure, because that way you will always be in agreement with yourself and with your being.

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